Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Leverage in your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media has slowly crept into the limelight of most brand’s marketing strategies. Even a couple of years back, brands were indecisive, if they should invest in Social Media or not. The primary upside of promoting your brand in digital channels is the ability to see and analyse results in real-time. Social Media promotions one-up on that with the possibility of bilateral communication.

However, among all the Social Media platforms, some are exceptional in gaining result for your brand. Today, we take a look at the top 5 social media platforms your brand should definitely have a presence in.

1. Facebook:

Any Social Media strategy in 2021 will be incomplete without the inclusion of Facebook in your social media strategy. The primary reason to promote your brand on Facebook is the possibility of being able to reach a huge number of people. Facebook is home to more than 200 Crore social media users. Having such a vast user base no matter what your business is, you will be able to reach your target audience on Facebook. Also, with Facebook’s new marketing tools, there are numerous possibilities for a marketing agency providing digital marketing services to gain new audiences for your brand.

2. Instagram:

Now under the same roof as Facebook, Instagram is speedily becoming a great platform for marketers to promote their products and services on. Now integrated with Facebook business suite, Instagram has even more potential for business owners than ever before. However, the audience base on Instagram is more upbeat and youth-centric, hence being more beneficial for some products/services than others. No matter what, your brand’s presence on Instagram and some good quality media goes a long way in developing a strong digital presence for your brand.

3. LinkedIn:

The primary hub of professionals, no doubt a great place to promote your brand. LinkedIn has a good amount of daily active users who are logging in with business in mind. Making your brand visible in LinkedIn makes your products and services easily available to all those who are actively seeking for it. LinkedIn is also good for acquiring quality talents, be that for your own company or if you are an HR & Manpower firm.

4. YouTube:

Undoubtedly the running champ of video marketing platforms, YouTube has always been bran’s paradise for video advertising. The ability to cater to the second largest audience base after Facebook and an interactive UI that makes video content consumption a breeze for most people make YouTube a must for your brand’s 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy. YouTube has a great backend for creators and marketers to manage, analyse and optimise their contents in order to get maximum reach and engagement. Counting in the possibility to run skippable and non-skippable bumper ads increase the priority of YouTube even more.

5. Twitter:

This micro-blogging platform is a playhouse for most celebrities and big brands. Expressing your brand’s opinion and/or your brand promotions on Twitter is certainly important. Twitter is a fast-paced platform where frequent updates are absolutely necessary to stay relevant. Tapping in the Twitter trends also gives brands a boost in reaching the vast audience base on the platform.

In Conclusion…

Online marketers are required to have a comprehensive understanding of these platforms and even more, along with their audience demographics and proper use-case.

Managing all these platforms and penetrating the endless realm of Online Marketing in 2021 might seem a bit overwhelming. Get in touch with us. We are here to give your brand the digital boost that it needs.

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